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Support for the US flag Merchant Marine and our maritime industry.
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Executive Director at Pacific Merchant Marine Council Navy League of the United States
December 2012 - Present (2 years 1 month )
The Navy League of the United States, founded with President Roosevelt's encouragement in 1902, is a civilian organization with a membership of 43,000. The League reminds the American public and government officials that the United States is a maritime nation and that its national defense and economic well being are dependent upon strong sea services - the Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and U. S. flag Merchant Marine.

NLUS and its 225 councils sponsor activities, events, and awards along with supporting military and Sea Cadet units. Its monthly magazine Sea Power covers United States maritime defense news.

The Pacific Merchant Marine Council, chartered 11 December 2006, supports the United States maritime industry. Luncheon meetings are quarterly Our flagship is the National Liberty Ship Memorial S. S. JEREMIAH O'BRIEN, Pier 45, San Francisco.

Second in the council's "fleet" of adopted vessels is the S. S. UNITED STATES, in extremis dockside on the Delaware River in South Philadelphia.

Primary websites:,, and
President at Pacific Merchant Marine Council Navy League of the United States
January 2008 - Present (7 years )
California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo
Bachelor of Science
September 1959 - June 1965
Graduate studies at University of Oklahoma-Norman and California State University-Sacramento

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Phelps Hobart
Regardless of where you live, the Pacific Merchant Marine Council invites you to join the Navy League and affiliate with our council - the growing council devoted to the US Merchant Marine and the US maritime industry.
10/1/2009 7:57:33 PM

Phelps Hobart
I remain President but frequently use the title Executive Director.

The Pacific Merchant Marine Council remains alive and well and we look forward in 2013 to continuing engaging in and advocating for the United States' maritime industry.

Check us out and don't hesitate to contact me with Navy League questions or a membership inquiry.
12/17/2012 8:55:28 PM

Phelps Hobart
About Us...

Navy League of the United States
“Citizens in Support of the Sea Services”

The Pacific Merchant Marine Council

We're for United States prosperity and that means JOBS!

The council supports and advocates for a stronger, more vibrant, merchant marine. But we don't stop there. We're for our nation’s extensive port facilities and services, shipyards that build state of the art vessels, stronger shipping companies, removing impediments to expeditiously moving goods… In short, all of our nation's maritime industry.

The council received its Navy League,, charter December 11, 2006. It has an educational outreach to the public and elected officials stressing the importance of maintaining a strong maritime force for national security, maritime superiority, and global presence.

Besides its Navy League ties, it is a member of the:
• American Maritime Partnership,
• California Marine & Intermodal Transportation System Advisory Council,
• Marine Exchange of San Francisco Bay Region,
• Bay Planning Coalition,
• FuturePorts,
• Coalition for America’s Gateways and Trade Corridors (“Ally” status),

The council is a sponsor of and members participate in the annual Maritime Industry Congressional Sail-In on Capitol Hill, At the state level, members are involved with the California Maritime Leadership Symposium, and other key events.

Each year the membership continues to grow. The council has had the best growth within the League’s Pacific Central Region and is in the top echelons of the Navy League. Retention for 2008, 2010 was 100% and 2011 it was 96%!

Lively luncheon meetings with guest speakers are hosted in Oakland and aboard our adopted National Liberty Ship Memorial S. S. JEREMIAH O'BRIEN,, Pier 45, San Francisco (north of Fisherman's Wharf). The time is 1130 for the social and 1200 for the luncheon. We welcome guests and visitors. June 12 we gathered with San Francisco Council members at Scoma’s Restaurant on the Wharf; Ms. Monique Moyer, Executive Director, Port of San Francisco was honored.

The council initiated in 2009 a sponsoring and supporting relationship with the Arkansas Division of the Sea Cadets,, San Francisco. The Division is recognized for its leader-ship, training program, and many activities. It has a Merchant Marine orientation and a band!

The council website is annually nominated for a Navy League award; in 2007 it was #1 and in 2008 it was #2 for small councils (less than 150 members). In 2009 it received the Award for Excellence. Interested individuals may subscribe without joining. The council also has a presence on Facebook, Linkedin, XING, Twitter, and an expanding list of maritime URLs. The council newsletter Captain's Call has also been a Navy League award recipient.

Please inquire about joining the Pacific Merchant Marine Council; corporate, community affiliate, and individual memberships available.

Contact: Phelps Hobart, President
(916) 739-6949 | (916) 955-3972 | PMMC at cwo dot com

Council Websites:,
Council Address: PO Box 191403, Sacramento CA 95819-1403
12/17/2012 9:13:27 PM

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